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What 120g of protein looks like

If you’re struggling to hit your daily protein goals, you’re not alone! In this post, I’m going to share what 120g of protein looks like.

What is consuming enough protein so hard?

▶️Most of the time, you need to prepare or cook protein sources, so it requires some planning.

▶️Foods with carbs and fats are easy to find… and they’re also a lot more delicious, so we tend to crave them more than protein.

▶️In the US, we’re not used to eating so much protein. Most people don’t come close to meeting their daily protein needs!

Knowing these few things, it makes sense why this macro is the toughest to ‘hit’ each day. But if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Here’s how my protein consumption broke down the other day…

What 120g of protein looks like

🍳BREAKFAST – 42g ▪️2 eggs ▪️3/4 cup Greek yogurt ▪️1 scoop of protein powder in my iced coffee

🧆LUNCH – 24g ▪️4 oz ButcherBox ground beef ▪️150g roasted parsnips ▪️BBQ sauce

🐟SNACK – 29g ▪️1 packet of tuna ▪️Chimichurri ▪️Rice crackers

🍝DINNER -25g ▪️3 meatballs made with ButcherBox ground beef ▪️1 cup spaghetti squash ▪️Parmesan cheese

Tip for hitting your protein goal

👉🏻TIP: Instead of giving myself a set protein goal each day, I have a RANGE that I aim for: 100-120g.

If I don’t hit 125g everyday, but I make it to 100g, I still feel successful in my efforts! 💪🏻

More tips to actually (!!) hit your protein goal!


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