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Do you need a reverse diet?

Are you *~totally dunzo~* with dieting?????‍♀️ Like, you’ve been tracking your food, making sure you’re in a calorie deficit, and maybe doing some extra cardio, prioritizing sleep, etc. ⁠

AANNnnnd you’re exhausted. ????⁠

Here’s a thought… try a reverse diet! ⁠

In a nutshell????, it’s a strategic and purposeful way of adding more calories to your daily intake to minimize fat gain. ⁠

I know, it sounds counterintuitive to add more calories to your diet in order to lose weight. ????⁠

But, trust me????, it is needed and it is necessary.⁠

WATCH REVERSE DIETING VIDEO – Do you need a reverse diet?

Here’s why: ⁠

It’s a way to boost your metabolism. ⁠

Let’s be real, you can’t continue to eat super low calories forever and always, and expect that your body is going to respond in a healthy way.????⁠

What you need to do is slowly and strategically add anywhere from 50 to 100 calories per day per week.????⁠

So every single week, you’ll continue to increase your caloric intake until you get to your maintenance calories. ⁠

And if you’re currently eating under that amount, a reverse diet is a ????perfect???? way to bring your metabolism back up to that healthy place. ⁠

My free assessment tool called the faster metabolism blueprint will help you determine if a reverse diet is right for you!⁠

Follow the link in my bio to take the quiz!⏪⁠

And be sure to watch this week’s Youtube video to learn whether or not a reverse diet is right for you! ⁠

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