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Meet Nail Artist Josette Hambleton, NTNA Finalist! – Awards & Contests

Get to know our talented Top 13 Finalists of NTNA Season 10!

Josette Hambleton 

Josette Hambleton

Name: Josette Hambleton

Country: United Kingdom

Instagram: @josettes_nail_artistry

Time in the industry: 10 years

Q: What is your favorite thing about the nail industry?

“What I love about nail art is that in only 1-2 hours you get to create a canvas and fill it with your own mini master piece. This could be a natural nail, an acrylic extension, or a gel extension. The shapes are endless and thats the beauty of nails, your creativity isn’t limited. Its only limit is yourself and how far you want to push the product. Like all art, a multitude of techniques, approaches, and inspirations, can be used to create different moods. But also nails often are extravagant accessories to an overall look, so must also be fashionable.

The nail industry is a fast paced, ever changing, innovative world.

A world that is becoming increasingly busy with some fascinating new products that move the boundaries of what is possible. I love the constant journey nail artistry encourages me to take, a journey full of glitter, colour, shapes, and designs along the way.

I love letting clients know that they don’t have to stick to boring one colour nails, and I love to show them how easy it is to indulge in to the artistry side of nails. My clients are constantly pushing me with complex designs and I love it! I push myself not to be as good as another technician but to be the best I can be.

I no longer class it as a job, it’s a way of life. I live, breath, and sleep nails which I know sounds like every other nail technician but thats the beauty of our industry, we literally enjoy every second of every challenge we face. I watch YouTube video after video, I search Pinterest, Instagram, and Google for inspiration. I follow a huge number of nail artists and I’m lucky to call many of them my friends.

Cut me open and I’m sure I would bleed glitter. Through nail artistry I get to push myself, be creative, and put a smile on a client’s face while giving them well deserved pamper time. With amazing new products, now more than ever, being a nail artist means your only limitation is your own imagination.”

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