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Foiling Faster and Smarter: New Education on Efficient Installation of Foils – Industry News

FASTFOILS has launched their new education platform to deliver education on efficient installation of foils. 

FASTFOILS are known for their innovation in foil technology that allows for a minimum of 25% faster processing time during the incubation period, eliminating the need to use potentially damaging, higher levels of developer. As a result, our foils protect the integrity of the hair while achieving a more consistent, even, and higher level of lift.

This breakthrough in higher performance was taken a step further with the recent launch of the wider, t8” roll. Stylists now have a product that doubles the efficiency of each application, the technology saves time during processing and allows them to cover larger sections.


This level of efficiency that FASTFOILS offers has opened new doors for stylists and salon owners; FASTFOILS says many see an increase in revenue working the same amount of hours. The efficiency in these high-performance foils and the time savings with installation techniques are also benefiting the clients who spend less time on the chair.

Led by J Ladner, Director of Education, and Ben Barkworth, Founder of FASTFOILS, the FASTFOILS team continues to evolve and innovate the way they help stylists and salon owners. The FASTFOILS Education platform will cover all aspects of foil installation and pattern and placement efficiency.

The FASTFOILS Education platform is available through their website There are free on-demand sessions available and paid and in-person classes in the future.


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