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Today I am sharing a different type of post. Normally I share art or new colors but lately I’ve just been wearing plain manicures for a couple days at a time and switching them up. So why not share what I wear on my off-season lol because lately that’s just what I’ve been in the mood for. I’m sharing older swatches because I honestly put them on broken nails, uneven nails and so it’s not beautiful but I’ve been enjoying wearing them. I’ve linked all my original posts!



Stella Chroma Coconut Creme: Give me a two coat white shimmer creme any day! I love this white. The shimmer amps up the white to another level.


Stella Chroma Special Polish: Well turns out I never posted proper swatches of this! It has a very different shimmer from Coconut Creme. Now I have an excuse to put this one back on! Here it is with stamping. Obsessed with this polish.


KBShimmer Perfectly Suited: I initially put on a grey polish and just felt meh. I knew I needed yellow in my life. It was between this or Sun Kissed, but ultimately, the holo won out. I got soooo many comments on these nails too! Such a fun color. I love all KBShimmer yellows. 


KBShimmer Rose Were the Days: I really loved this when I swatch did it and I was craving hot pink nails. Then I looked through my stash and pulled this out. I also knew that this would be like a 15 minute manicure. Sometimes when I’m lazy I always go for shimmers because if I make a dent or messed it up, you can’t really see it. And this was exactly that from  basecoat to topcoat in 15 minutes.



Well that’s all for now. I have no idea why this month is a slow one for me but I had a feeling it would be!

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