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ehmkay nails: Welcome to 2023: New Year’s Nails: Metallic Gradient

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Welcome to 2023! I hope you had a fun time welcoming in the new year, whatever way you like to do it! This year, it was downpouring! Cannot imagine everyone in Times Square standing for 12 hours in the rain! No thanks! So let’s check out my nails. I’ve been wearing this manicure for two years so let’s see how it held up ????????????. 

So my initial idea for this nail art was to take gold, silver, and rose gold reflective nail polishes and put dots all around my nails so it would mimic the New Year’s Eve ball in New York City. Well I did one nail, and I won’t lie, it looks like diseased skin lol. So I removed that nail and decided to do a three colored metallic gradient and top it with a reflective topcoat. I actually planned on doing this gradient on the outer nails and having the dotted nails on the inner nails. 


For this simple look, I used the colors below:

  • Base: Duri Cosmetics Bunny Slope, one coat
  • Silver: Morgan Taylor Ice or No Dice
  • Gold: Morgan Taylor Gilded in Gold
  • Rose Gold: Morgan Taylor Copper Dream
  • Silver Reflective Top Coat: KBShimmer Out of Sequins 


After I did the gradient which was super quick because the metallics are so opaque, I added two thin coats of the reflective topcoat. I liked that it didn’t detract from the colors because it sheer enough. I was nervous it would cover the entire gradient and make that work for nothing. I thought about adding the reflective polish colors in dots over the gradient but then just a side and less was more and I really liked the simple gradient.

Below are photos with flash to show off the reflective nature. You can still see my gradient, which I love!


Well I hope you enjoy the new year!  I only just took these off today so I truly was wearing last year‘s manicure lol. ???????? My jokes are on fire.

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