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May is just an exhausting month for anyone in higher education. This is why I fell off the radar.  I am still doing my nails but as you’ll see in today’s post. I did my nails for a wedding and guess I wore black pants the next day and while I have washed these pants a hundred times, some of the dye rubbed off on my nails. I probably won’t share these in Instagram, but I figured I would give them a quick share here.

So May I had multiple birthdays, Mother’s Day, a wedding, graduation, ugh just so much! So I did some nails that I could wear with a dress for a wedding and that would look nice at other events. If you follow me on IG, I posted these fun pics! I got so many different responses so naturally, I went with none of them LOL. 

In the end, I went with a pink that essentially matched. Of course, it is tinted in these photos. And because I did my nails THREE HOURS before the wedding, I had some dings. How to fix that? Throw on some glitter!


I used only two colors for this look! SO simple and effortless.

  • Base: Morgan Taylor Plumette with Excitement 
  • Glitter: Stella Chroma Tangled Tinsel



I took pics of my nails in the car ride with the dress and it was a mess so here they are!


So there you have it. I have another similar look to share that I did for graduation so stay close!

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