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ehmkay nails: 13 Days of Halloween: Secret BOO

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Hello everyone! Today kicks off hopefully my 13 Days of Halloween nail art! Life is so hectic and I find I only do my nails once a week. A rare week, I do my nails twice. So the thought of 13 nail arts in one month sounded impossible. So this year, I’m doing some super quick and easy art! These might look very different from previous years with super intricate arts. In addition, these 13 days will include some look backs on my favorite Halloween arts from the last ten years!


My brain came up with what I thought would be a super awesome idea. So I thought that a black with a black reflective would stand out and be like a secret message. I had a regular nail polish that looked similar to a reflective and I figured, let’s put them together and see.

Believe it or not, I have two polishes called After Midnight and they
basically look the same in the bottle but one is a reflective and one
is not. So I figured if I layered them together, I would create a fun
message. I did my base with Girly Bits and then I wrote a message with
the KBShimmer. 

Here are the colors I used. After my secret messages, I used Halloween colors to dry brush in and around the message.

  • Base: Girly Bits After Midnight
  • Letters: Black reflective KBShimmer After Midnight
  • Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Sahara Sun
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Green
  • Purple: Jessica Cosmetics Purple

Here it is with flash. As you can see, the message didn’t pop off the base as much as I thought it would. Maybe this concept would have worked over a plain black creme, but then it wouldn’t have been as secret message-esque. 

Here it is without the dry brush. I love the way this looks too. The reflective dries with a texture so it’s like a 3D look. Seriously, how fun is this even if the end result didn’t work as I thought it would. 

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