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Keke Palmer Pinned Back Her Bangs Like It’s 2006 All Over Again — See Photos

Leave it to Keke Palmer to bring back one of the biggest go-to hairstyling trends from my middle school years: pinned-back bangs! Palmer was one of the star speakers at the Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles on November 12, discussing her acting process alongside Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Versha Sharma, with whom she talked about how she implements improvisation into her characters and roles. 

The actor hit the stage in a black and white printed maxi dress and cropped black tuxedo jacket, wearing minimal makeup save for some glowy bronze shadow on her lids and a pop of peach blush. Palmer wore her hair in a shoulder-length, curled blowout with her bangs pulled up and secured with a black clip for a cute, casual style that was absolutely the pinnacle of chic in the mid-2000s — not to mention functional when you’re growing out your bangs or just want to keep your hair out of your face. While the pinned-back bangs may have been a major look for fourth-period algebra or after-school cheer practice, they’re also a simple way to change up your look day to day and equally versatile when you’re long past the days of lockers and lunch rooms.

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