TOPSHOP Curve and TOPMAN Extend Sizing Now Available!

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TOPSHOP is stepping into plus sizes? Ohhh yes! TOPSHOP Curve (the plus size line) does exist, thanks to ASOS. Last year, ASOS acquired the TOPSHOP and TOPMAN brands and this recently announced news (Sept. 29th) is part of their international growth strategy through its partnership with Nordstrom in the US.

Topshop Curve longline faux leather trench in orange
Topshop Curve longline faux leather trench in orange at

We are intrigued about this surprise, too! Not only are we getting plus size options but Big & Tall options as well. We first saw the TOPSHOP Curve line over on Nordstrom as we were looking for statement plus size coats for the fall to share with you.

We had to reach out the TOPSHOP and ASOS team to make sure we understood what was happening here. Because this is curious! Especially as the legacy plus size brands from the UK have divested from plus size fashion in the US over the past few years (we miss you, Simply Be and Evans).

TOPSHOP Curve Oversize Faux Fur Coat
TOPSHOP Curve Oversize Faux Fur Coat at

“TOPSHOP and TOPMAN are truly iconic British brands and taking stewardship of such a beloved institution has been a privilege. Over the last 18 months, we have done some incredible work, learning from the past and from each other to create something exciting and relevant for the future. We’re so proud to share our new vision with the world, but this is only the first step of the journey. There’s a lot more work to do and so many exciting ideas we want to explore.”

Nikki Tattersall, Director of TOPSHOP and TOPMAN

Topshop Curve longline puffer coat in black
Topshop Curve longline puffer coat in black at

For this new chapter for TOPSHOP and TOPMAN, we get an updated logo, landing page on ASOS, and new sizing options. While limited in options at first glance, TOPSHOP and TOPMAN will continue to introduce inclusive sizing through the Curve line (plus sizes available in sizes UK 18-28) as well as execute plans to build out their Maternity, Tall and Petite collections.

Topshop Curve teddy borg checkerboard longline coat in mono
Topshop Curve teddy borg checkerboard longline coat in mono at

With this acquisition, ASOS transitioned TOPSHOP and TOPMAN into a digital-first business to align with ASOS’ ethos and values. But over here in the US, TOPSHOP and TOPMAN will also be available in 106 Nordstrom stores, as part of its brand expansion strategy.

Will this expansion include plus sizes in the Nordstrom stores? We do hope so…

You can shop the TOPSHOP Curve plus size coats and jeans which have dropped first, at!

We can soon expect a dedicated Curve section on site that also introduces greater model diversity that is similar to what ASOS has been giving us over the past few seasons. We hope that they do consider the editorial inclusion as well.

TOPSHOP Curve Faux Fur Trim Longline Aviator Coat
TOPSHOP Curve Faux Fur Trim Longline Aviator Coat at

This is all about having options in plus size fashion and with this news, hopefully this extension becomes as full fledged as ASOS Curve is- not skimping on the tailored style that TOPSHOP is known for!

What do you think about this news? Does this excite you?

Are you on the fence? Are you going to wait and see what else drops from this TOPSHOP Curve collection?

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