Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 17 – 2 3, 2022

Venus is the star of the week, making a few connections before the weekend. On Tuesday, October 18, the planet of amour aligns with passionate Mars, and the two cosmic lovebirds fuse their romantic energies. Sweet synergies are sure to spark under this alignment of Mars in Gemini and your sentimental fourth house and Venus in flirty Libra and your seductive eighth. You won’t have to search too hard to connect with simpatico people who get you and want to merge talents (or perhaps bodies). But do your due diligence before sharing state secrets or getting vulnerable behind closed doors. Things can get complicated if you proceed purely on trust. “Good vibes” are important, but not as much as NDAs and ironclad contracts. In fact, legit people never resent proper legal groundwork. 

This Venus-Mars connection can also set the stage for heart-centered talks. Lay it all out on the table, including sometimes sticky subjects like shared finances, living arrangements and holiday family-visit schedules. But do hurry: On Thursday, Venus slams into a square with controlling Pluto, which can create the wrong kind of friction. For better or for worse, any moves you make get amplified on Saturday, when Venus and the Sun team up for the final day of Libra season and put everything on full display.

Venus gains even more power as she teams up with the Sun on Sunday as they two-step into Scorpio and your venturesome ninth house, Venus sticking around through November 16 and the Sun for another six days. Wrap up unfinished business that’s usurping precious real estate on your desk—or in your brain. As el Sol and Venus depart Libra and your laser-focused eighth house (not to return for another year), you can screen out distractions and get across the finish line. The eighth house also rules joint resources and permabonding, so what needs the most attention might be an affair of the heart. Focus on what you have in common rather than the differences and you can emerge stronger as a very dynamic duo. 


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Once these planets relocate to intensifying Scorpio for four weeks, you’ll step away from any furtive or obsessive behavior like a serpent shedding its skin. And since the ninth house rules actual and metaphoric travel, this is a perfect time to take—or at least prepare to take—an epic trip. A fringe benefit for single Fish: Whether at home or away, you could reel in a hottie from a different culture. Attached? Doing something impulsively romantic—like booking a cabin in the woods to squeeze in some end-of-season foliage—to get the blood pumping!

Also on Sunday, grounding Saturn concludes a lengthy retrograde in your twelfth house of introspection and healing. The serious planet of structure is wrapping up a much longer, two-and-a-half-year journey through this zone, and with this course-correction, certain things might come to light that had been hidden since June 4. If you’ve been intentionally dealing with an old wound or codependency issue, you may finally see a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Saturn’s pivot. Action in your twelfth house can bring closure, so remind yourself that you can let this go any time you’re ready, provided you stick to the firm boundaries you’ve set.

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