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  • Perfumes are an invisible accessory that can feel like the final step for an outfit.
  • The cost of perfumes can climb as high as thousands of dollars for one bottle.
  • Find a list of the best perfumes under $50 ahead.

For some people, perfume is synonymous with luxury. You might splurge on a bottle because it’s from your favorite designer or the latest fine-fragrance brand trending on TikTok. It might even be a small act of self-care every day. Either way, particularly if you like harder-to-source, niche scents, finding your go-to perfume or even your preferred scent family can come with a hefty price tag.

While we’re full proponents of — and duly subscribe to — the occasional “treat yourself” moment, sometimes limiting your scope of preferred fragrance brands can cause you to miss out on some more affordable scents that are just as good quality. There are countless options under $50 that not only won’t break the bank but will also rival their more luxurious counterparts in terms of sillage, longevity, and overall ingredient profile.

Not only can you find signature-scent-worthy perfumes at a more affordable rate, but when you inevitably choose to mix and match your favorite perfumes for a more unique fragrance experience, you won’t wince at the idea of mixing your $300 perfume with a drugstore body spray. (Trust us, we’ve all been there.)

Now, understandably, you’ll have to weed through some duds to find your way to the best affordable perfumes on the market — that’s where we come in. POPSUGAR editors have tested countless perfumes, all $50 or less, and found the best ones that are actually worth your money. From musky, gender-neutral colognes to fruity-floral scents that will transport you back to the perfume boom of the early aughts, there are options here for everyone and that cover every scent profile. If you’re ready to find the latest and most affordable addition to your fragrance collection, keep reading to see our favorites.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

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