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12 Claw Clips For All Hair Types and Textures

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When I scroll on Instagram, the majority of the content I see is women in Paris expertly spinning their long hair into an effortless updo with the help of a claw clip. Despite the fact that whatever motion they’re doing seems to require finer motor skills than I possess, claw clips have captured the hearts of so many, partly because they’re the cutest Y2K throwback we have, but most importantly because they don’t leave dents in your hair, and they’re ideal for pulling up thick, heavy hair. I love a scrunchy as much as the next girl, but when it comes to hair accessories, we might have had it right in the 90s: Claw clips are the way to go.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Celebs like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid (also known as the Holy Trinity), have all been spotted donning chic, outfit-matching claw clips–as seen above, where Bella is wearing a custom Emi Jay claw clip. For one thing, they can be less damaging than tightly-wound hair ties since they don’t pull or dent your strands. For another, they come is so many different shapes and sizes that you’re practically guaranteed to find one that can hold up your hair, whether you have a short bob or a mane down to your hips. And fine, yes, they’re trendy and cool. Here, you can find the 14 best claw clips for every style, hair texture, and budget.

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Best Pearly Claw Clip

8 Other Reasons

Royal Clip


Best Handmade Accessories

france luxe

‘Couture’ Jaw Clip


Best Investment Piece

Alexandre de Paris

Imitation Pearl Embellished Hair Jaw Clip


Best Bedazzled Set


Set of Two Embellished Hair Clips


Best for A-Listers


Checker Claw Hair Clip in Disco


Best for Thick Hair


Big Hair Claw Clip


Best Trendy Clip

Emi Jay

Big Effing Clip


Best for Events


Gold Open Shape Claw Clip


Best for Minimalists

Urban Outfitters

Marley Claw Clip


Best for the Cool Girl


F**k Clip


Best for Long Hair

Kōv Essentials

Daily Clip


Best for Updos

petit moments

Roxanne Hair Clip Set

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