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11 Colorful Mascaras That Are Better Than Classic Black

Here’s a hill I am willing to die on: brown mascara is superior to black mascara. For night out, I’m willing to budge a little and use a traditional inky mascara, but there’s something so effortlessly chic about using a product that enhances your lashes without making you look too made up. But colorful mascaras come in more shades than just barely-there brown: you can find attention-grabbing options that come in green, purple, and yellow, too.

The best thing about using a color mascara is it’s playful. You can give yourself blue lashes on top of red eyeliner for a color-blocked look, or let your lashes be the star of the show. Here, find the 11 best colored mascaras that really bring the pigment (in the best way).

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