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EP134: Affordable ‘buttery’ leggings, favorite protein powders, adrenal cocktail & blood sugar tips

I’m bringing back the Friday 5 and chatting about the adrenal cocktail & blood sugar tips! I get soooo many questions about the adrenal cocktail, and I promise it’s a simple addition to your daily routine. It’s just orange juice, coconut water, and some salt. That’s it. It’s super simple and delicious… and sometimes… it’s the first step to balancing your hormones and minerals.



▶️Introduction to our newest family member, Scales!???? Scales is a 6-month old bearded dragon, and he’s really started to grow on me. (Obviously, Quinn lovvvees having him as a pet!) 

▶️$23 ‘buttery’ workout leggings

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▶️2 favorite protein powders and how I like to use them

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Organic coconut water

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Adrenal cocktail & blood sugar tips

  1. Drink with a meal
  2. Add protein powder or collagen
  3. Make into an adrenal cocktail smoothie with protein powder, collagen, and Greek yogurt 
  4. Drink before, during, or after your workout
  5. Opt for coconut milk instead of coconut water
  6. Try other juices with less sugar/carbs, such as cranberry or pomegranate 


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