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Unique Fall Nail Art With Alena Monson – Nail Design

In 2014, Alena Monson (@alena.monson), CEO and founder of Whats Up Beauty, decided to bring innovative and clean products into the beauty world after receiving amazing feedback via her own Instagram account showcasing her nail art. She has amassed over a quarter million followers on her personal page alone.

Whats Up Beauty initially began as a nail art brand where their customers immediately fell in love with high quality, colors, formulas and designs. The Whats Up Beauty website now carries a wide selection of nail polish brands for purchase in addition to its own. The brand itself also produces any tools you might need for nail art: vinyls, brushes, stencils, stampers, nail tape, dotting tools and more.

Whats Up Beauty's  Desert Monsoon  eyeshadow palette & matching polish collection 
 -  Whats Up Beauty

Whats Up Beauty’s Desert Monsoon eyeshadow palette & matching polish collection

Whats Up Beauty

In 2021, Monson expanded the brand into color cosmetics with the launch of their exquisite eyeshadow palette with coordinating nail polishes. The company has plans to grow and develop several innovative products over the next year. Check out the slideshow above for some amazing fall nail inspo and to see what’s possible with Whats Up Nails products!

Get the Look: Chrome Leaves

This is one of Monson’s most beloved fall nail art tutorials, which utilizes her own Whats Up Nails Fall Stencils and Suntan Chrome Powder. Learn how to create these fancy chrome leaves below.

  1. Apply peel off base coat for easy removal of the glitter polish when you want to change your nails. Apply 2-3 layers of your favorite glitter polish and let it dry.
  2. Place leaf stencil on silicone mat, paint with black polish and remove stencil immediately.
  3. When leaf is dry to the touch, rub chrome powder over it with your finger tip.
  4. Let leaf completely dry and pull it up from the mat by using tweezers and peeling from the edges first.
  5. Apply a little peel off base coat to the nail so the leaf sticks better, and then place leaf on the nail.
  6. Using cuticle clippers, remove excess leaf edges that are hanging off the nail.
  7. Apply a layer of peel off base coat. This will protect our chrome leaves from top coat. Let completely dry before continuing.
  8. Apply a layer of your usual top coat to complete.

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