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Natural Love with Shanique Drummond

We love when our friends let us join them on their hair journey so we decided to make it a thing. Since we are known for ALL THINGS BEAUTY we wanted to make sure we highlight more than what the “standard” is when it comes to beauty, especially BLACK BEAUTY.

For centuries we as black women have had a long-standing battle with our hair, its texture, its shrinkage, its damage and so much more. We’ve done just about everything to make our hair more manageable and accepted in the name of “BEAUTY” but not anymore!

We’re learning to love our natural tresses and we’re taking the time out to see what products and styles work best for us all in the name of natural love!

Hype Hair has made it our mission to highlight those who are big chopping, wig tossing, and flat twisting for the gawds honey!

Starting with the beauty Shanique Drummond, inspired by her daughter and her friend our CEO Lia Dias. Shanique has welcomed us all on her journey go check out her IG… @shanique_drummond

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