Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 7 – 1 3, 2022

Socializing and professional networking have their obvious upsides, but don’t naively discount the potential pitfall: They can be expensive! This Monday, November 7, as luxe-loving Venus gets checked by watchdog Saturn in your house of money and security, you may be forced to reckon with the financial pinch of your recent activities. You may have been spending beyond your means, or you might not have realized how costly certain membership dues are (or how frequent!). It’s also possible that you didn’t properly anticipate the heft of a group expense, and you can’t ignore it any longer. You may need to get out of a commitment or have an awkward conversation, but suck it up now; it’s certainly a better option than digging yourself (deeper) into debt. But don’t rule out the possibility of negotiating a better rate for yourself! Lay out a reasonable request early this week and a sweetheart deal might swing your way near Thursday’s miracle-making Venus-Neptune trine.

Cupid’s coming in for a landing this Tuesday, as the year’s only Taurus full moon—also a game-changing lunar eclipse—turbo-charges your fifth house of glamour, romance and creativity (and fame!). If you’re an artist or performer, this lunar lift could herald one of the most exciting and prominent starting blocks of 2022. Even if you don’t “hit the big time” this week, you’ll have an all-access pass to your muse as well as the magnetism to draw an appreciative audience. Humble though you may be, push yourself to be a little flamboyant. There’s no better time to explore your outer limits and stretch beyond any confining edges. In doing so, you may discover the reaches of your own genius. In a solid or developing love relationship, you might feel inspired to bare your soul. Single? Be more forward with your crush du jour. It’s possible they’re equally interested—and equally shy! 

If there’s one thing your no-nonsense sign bristles at, it’s ambivalence and mixed messages. But you might have to suck it up on Friday when the fervent Sun in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology gets checked by your ruler, sensible Saturn. Your unflagging enthusiasm might suddenly be met with resistance, even if people seemed gung-ho to move ahead earlier in the week. The trouble is, if you apply any pressure, the whole deal could snap. Distract yourself with people you know adore you, and wait it out. Chances are, once this quick-moving transit passes, you’ll get the green light you’re hoping for. Since this is your tech center, you could experience a delay in a digital initiative or, if you’re swimming virtual laps in the online dating pool, a whole lotta nothing. Hang in there, Capricorn!


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