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Cleo Wade’s Must Haves: From Pajamas to High-Top Sneakers

When Burt’s Bees approached Wade about curating the Burt’s Bees Cleo Inspired Lip Balm Collection ($12), available at Target, it was a no-brainer. “The quality is amazing,” she says. “With tinted lip balms, sometimes they can be a little too lipstick-y, or they can be too lip balm-y where they’re not tinted enough. [Burt’s] is the perfect match of both, where you feel like you have a strong, pretty color on, but you’re not sacrificing moisture and have to reapply a bunch of times during the day.”

Pro Tip: Because the lip kit includes four tubes of lip balm flavors (original, Watermelon, Sweet Mandarin, and Cucumber Mint), that means you can stash one in every purse or pocket you have so you’re never left without. “As a mom, you forget everything everywhere,” she says. “The likelihood that you’re leaving the house and forgot your entire purse and don’t have any lip balm is high, so the set is great. I use it so much.”

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